A humble cup of Chai Masala from an Indian Chai Wallah bestows a rich cultural heritage that traces back to age-old Ayurvedic spice traditions to the more recent ties with Britain and their famous cup of tea.

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7. August 2019

Did you know the Gaiwan is the most practical brewing tool for tea? Follow our simple instructions to brew a full-flavored cup of tea.

24. July 2019

It is on our agenda to collect universal misunderstandings in tea and break through this persistent, persuasive maze once and for all. Continue reading as we raise truth to tea by getting to the bottom of common tea myths.

7. March 2018

The matcha ritual offers a quiet celebration which pulls focus on the present. We recommend taking time in your day for matcha and appreciate the awareness of the moment it brings.

18. July 2017

Matcha is winning the hearts and minds of consumers as one of the healthiest beverages on earth. We have come up with three exciting ways to prepare Matcha for the modern tea drinker.