Fine Tea & Tea Culture

P & T is a specialty tea company founded in Berlin. We are inspired by tea’s legacy throughout the ages as agent of communication, creativity and culture. With this mindset, we interpret and promote the role of fine tea for a creative and fulfilling modern lifestyle.

Sourced At Origin

Paper & Tea in Kenya

At P & T we are committed to an ongoing exploration of the world’s finest teas. We are constantly taste-testing new crops and special varieties to add to our offering. We carry only whole-leaf, hand-processed and single-garden tea of the highest grade, sourced at origin to foster a sense of mutual respect and gratitude with our makers.

Authentic Tea Experience

Sharing knowledge and the experience of fine pure tea is an integral part of our mission. We draw great inspiration from the age-old traditions and know-how of tea’s countries of origin.

A Contemporary Approach

In 2012, we opened the doors of our first P & T concept store in Berlin’s genteel, west-end Charlottenburg district. Our second store in trendy Berlin-Mitte followed in late 2014.

Our unique retail concept advocates the beauty, pleasures, and manifold personal benefits of enjoying quality artisanal tea through an engaging and rewarding customer experience.